Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Happy Book Birthday to THE SWEETEST THING!

Today is the day!! My book, THE SWEETEST THING, whose fate was uncertain just a few months ago -- is once again FOR SALE! It has a pretty new package, is now available in paperback and ebook, and there's a teaser chapter for the sequel at the end, which I am writing now (or will be as soon as I finish this :)

Please feel free to share the link with anyone you think might like the book (you can click on just about anything in this post to take you to the Amazon page!) Like that shampoo commercial of old, any sort of publishing success is largely built on the concept of "and she told two friends, and she told two friends, and so on, and so on..."

I can't promise you shiny hair, but I hope I can entertain you with a good story. Thanks in advance!

Speaking of thanks ...

I'm so very grateful to everyone whose advice and support kept me on track to get this project done. Thank you especially to Kiki Hamilton, author extraordinaire, who calmly talked me through a few formatting-related panic attacks while she was also in rush hour traffic. That's some serious multi-tasking for which I am supremely thankful! And to Kristin Rae, who, in addition to being a talented author, is also (lucky me!) a talented artist. Her cover design is my favorite thing ever.

To my writer friends, the Empire Café gang, the LOD'ers, the Class of 2k11 and my critique group, Will Write for Cake, you all are such a blessing! And my non-writer family/friends too, who just put up with me and buy my books, I love you all! To anyone who has ever said a nice word about my writing, who has bought the book previously, the bloggers and teachers and my young readers who are still asking me, "when does your next book come out?" I LOVE YOU!

Thanks to my agent Danielle Chiotti, who is always there when I need her.

Thank you always to my husband Michael, and daughters Lily and Cate, who just make it all worth it.

Thanks to my God who gave me this crazy love for telling stories that, even on my worst days, brings me joy.

And so, without further ado -- feel free to do a happy dance with me as THE SWEETEST THING goes back into the world!!


  1. Yay, Chris! It's the Sweetest News!!! Time to celebrate! You know where....

    1. I'm there!! Thanks so much, can't wait to hear about your residency!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS Sweet Chris!!! So happy for you!!! And looking forward to Book 2 of THE SWEETEST THING!
    xo Kiki

  3. Thanks Kiki, you are awesome!! :)

  4. I loved your book. Sooo much and now I hear there's going to be another one. Super exited!!!